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Bike Week

This information will help you to decide if you wish to stay at Bay Top Motel during Bike Week. This page is rather long, but please read it thoroughly to ensure our motel will be to your liking.

About Us & Our Location

This is a small 12 room motel located about one half mile from Weirs Beach, the strip and the largest vendor areas. We are set back from the road on a small hill from which you can people and bike watch on a grand scale, as no other place has a larger section of Route 3 in view.

First Half vs. Second Half of the Week

Each year, we are seeing more folks coming for the first half of bike week. The first weekend is usually very busy with families and bikers, while the weekdays seem to be mostly just bikers. Everything is open, accessible, busy but not overly crowded, and it’s easily the best part of bike week. The end of bike week is usually crowded, unless it’s raining. The local tourist train does commuter runs from the surrounding area into the Weirs, and this seems to have greatly reduced traffic tie ups and all the folks walking along the road.


Rates for the first half of bike week, Friday through Tuesday, are $175 to $200 per night. We usually have several rooms available. Rates for the second half, Wednesday through Saturday, are $200 to $300 per night, and we usually have 1-3 rooms available. These rates have been the same for several years.

We take 2-3 night reservations for the first half of bike week and 3-4 night reservations for the second half. We take reservations from repeat customers at the end of December and the first half of January. As we take reservations, there will always be a few gaps and so we will have some 1-2 night openings available.

Demand is highest for the end of the week. A four night stay for two people would be $200 per night, a three night stay would be $250 per night. We rarely have or accept a two night stay for Friday and Saturday on the last weekend.

All rates are for two people in a room. We do not have cots but we do have one room with three beds. There is a $25 charge for each additional person in a room. Maximum occupancy is 4 per room. New Hampshire has a 9% tax on rooms, which is not included in the rates quoted above.

Just For Bike Week

  • Plenty of free coffee each morning
  • We have an ample supply of old towels that we put out for bike cleaning.
  • There is a hose available in case you need to wash your bike.
  • We have two gas grills you are free to use.
  • The jacuzzi will be hot and ready to soak in after a hard day of riding, which is good because the pool is usually always cold at that time of year.
  • For privacy and security, access to our property restricted to guests only.


We have ample parking. We like to keep the bikes in front of the rooms, and the cars and trailers at either end of the parking lot. Please inform us as to how many bikes, trailers, or cars you are coming in so that we can be prepared to accommodate you. For those who are concerned about the security of their bikes, we’ve never had an incident in the 32 years we’ve been here. We’re small enough to recognize all our guests, so we know who should be here and who shouldn’t. We’re always out walking around keeping an eye on things.

Having Friends Visit

During the first part of the week, your friends are welcome to stop by to say hello or meet up for a ride. Our facilities, however, such as the pool or hot tub, remain available only to paying guests. From Thursday on, access to the motel is for registered guests only, not friends, parents, children, etc. It is very rare to have a problem with a registered guest, however, the same cannot be said for visitors.

Smoking Policy

Our rooms are strictly non-smoking. No cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, pipes, pot, incense, or candles. Light up in the room or bathroom and you will checkout, without a refund and with a large charge to your credit card for deodorizing. Bike week is an important kick off to our season, but the following weeks are just as important. People have reserved rooms with the expectation that they will be non-smoking and odor free.


A deposit of 50% is required at the time of booking and the final 50% is due April 15th. Payment by cash, credit card, or check.

Cancellation policy

If you even think there is a possibility of having to cancel, you should not make a reservation here. Deposits are non-refundable. Most cancellations do not come in February or March but in June after the latest weather forecast.

Why do we do this? In the past, we would refund 50% if we were able to re-rent the room. Due to the rains of past years, we again had several cancellations. We re-rented most, but not all the rooms, and for mostly one night at a time. Then the usual happened, some of these re-rentals are to seemingly nice couples, we explain our rules, they agree and then at 2am we end up getting out of bed to evict several of their noisy friends.  To reduce this possibility, there will be no more last minute rentals for one night. They seem to frequently be younger party people that most of our customers do not want in the room next door and that we do not want on our property.

Want to Book?

If you’ve read this far and are ready to book, give us a call @ 603-366-2225.

More Information

For more information on the area and bike week, visit Laconia Bike Week and Lake Winnipesaukee online.