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Over 130 varieties of plants and not a single marigold or geranium in sight.

What started as a few flower beds of common plants has slowly grown over the years to what might be considered overkill. Bored with the traditional offerings at garden centers, I’ve added and expanded gardens to contain an ever growing collection of plants. About 85% of the gardens consist of annuals and will be different every year– a feature many returning guests have come to enjoy.

The idea for the most recent garden, the tropical garden, came up in 2009 and was tested in 2010. Surprisingly, it was not the disastrous failure you’d expect upon hearing about a tropical looking garden in New Hampshire. It features towering bananas, purple castor beans, sago palms, amaranthus, many types of elephant ears, datura, and even three colors of bougainvillea.


Nearly everything is grown on site in the greenhouse that you’ll see when pulling into our driveway. Weather permitting, planting begins May 15th and blooming peaks around mid July. The tropical garden is impressive by the same time, but unlike the flowering plants, it continues to get taller and more impressive right up until the end of the season.

Pictured above is our ten foot tall southern magnolia which blooms over 6 weeks each summer. While not tropical, it’s a rare treat for people who live this far north to be able to enjoy the wonderful scent.

You’ll find me outside most every evening pulling weeds, watering, and stressing out over nibbling insects and deer. Feel free to ask me any questions about what is what… I can talk about this stuff all day.